Polyethyleneterephthalate preform production. Carbon dioxide (CO2) production

CO2 production

SDT-GAS is Kazakhstan’s larges complex producing high quality carbon dioxide and using the equipment of UNION Engineering, a Danish company globally viewed as the leader in the field. 

SDT-GAS is a member of SDT Group.

Direct production of high quality carbon dioxide via combustion of crude hydrocarbons (natural gas) in the atmosphere with a triple treatment systems forms the backbone of the technology.

Natural gas is used due to a low concentration of harmful admixtures, in particular that of sulfur relative of other hydrocarbons.

The applications of high quality carbon dioxide include:

Specifications of (guaranteed) СО2 quality:

СО2: min 99.97% v/v

Odorless and tasteless.

The plant operates in a semi-automatic mode, which means operation on a 24/7 basis.

One of the key production criteria is the stability of equipment operation regardless of the season or supplies throughout the year.

The plant operates in accordance with the newest accident prevention regulations (UVV). All pressurized vessels come with safety or pressure relief valves.

For customers’ convenience the plant enables uninterrupted filling of any size of vessels or gas bottles with gas.

The plant is located in Kapal-batyr industrial zone, no number, eight kilometers off Shymkent.

Pure carbon dioxide is a crucial component of high quality products!



Pazylbekova str. 4

Phone: 8 (7252) 439106, 53 63 32;

Phone/fax: 8 (252) 53 63 75.

e-mail: sdt@sdt.kz

8 (7252) 439111, 439106.
fax 138
г. Шымкент, ул.Капал-Батыра, индустриальная зона «Отнустик» 39/1.