Polyethyleneterephthalate preform production. Carbon dioxide (CO2) production

About company

SDT Group is the first-rate company in PET-preforms production in Kazakhstan.

1997 – Start of the “Soft Drink Technology” (SDT Group) company activities. The mission of the company is production of wide range of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms for the food industry.

SDT Group uses only modern technologies and equipment. Therefore we pay special attention to the training of our own highly professional staff. For example, to prepare experts in operation and organization of workshop of PET-preforms release, the group of workers of the company has been sent on training to Germany. Finally, the most prepared experts have passed the further training in the educational center of Husky Company in Luxembourg.

Besides when the enterprise just started its activity, service - managers from “Husky” company have been invited to a permanent job. Now they work as technologists of the SDT plant in Shymkent.

The high class experts working at Kazakhstan SDT Group enterprise allows us to provide the highest performance level with constant growth of quality indicators.

SDT Group Company is equipped with the first class industrial equipment of international machine-building concern "Husky". Such equipment allows producing PET-preforms in a constant mode with operative change of color scale, type of preforms and the highest level of quality.

PET-preforms produced at SDT Group plant are used for blowing plastic bottles from 0.5 to 5 litres of BPF standard and modified PCO.

At our enterprise the full closed cycle of the processing equipment of "Husky" concern is established providing wastelessness, high adaptability to manufacture and pollution-free PET-preforms production.

For PET-preforms production we use only the first class raw material supplied by major companies of the Central, Southeast Asia and Europe, certificated for delivery of the granulated polyethylene terephthalate to leading world producers of beverages.

The highest quality of raw material in many respects promotes almost full absence of spoilage at SDT Group plant and stably high quality of bottles blow down at the enterprises of our clients.

At the beginning of 2002 the Project of quality management system development has been started in the Company. The primary goal of the project was organization of a control system production quality. The structure of the Project included representatives of company’s management and experts of its divisions.

Realization of the project of quality management system development is not a tribute of fashion for us but a basis of the production organization. SDT Group’s policy is directed not only on revealing spoilage during production but also on perfection of the organizational procedures assisting to lower probability of occurrence of spoilage in the future. For this purpose quality control at all stages of production is carried out with use of adjusting and warning procedures.

From the start our company has made its purpose to correspond to the high international quality standards.

As a result, today SDT Group is the unique PET-preforms producer in Kazakhstan according to international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Working under these standards is the warranty of a product.

The company has received its certificate ISO 9001:2000 in May, 2003 after the independent audit which has been carried out by representatives of the world leader in the field of certification of quality management system (QMS) TUV CERT.

Gaining this certificate is recognition of the quality of our PET-preforms. But at the same time such a high rod imposes on the company new, more rigid requirements to the organization of productions and maintenance of stable quality of a product and services.SDT Group is the owner of set of gold medals and diplomas of the international and republican exhibitions.

Operating high quality equipment, using only qualitative raw material and effective organization of production allow guaranteeing our customers quality of PET-preforms and stability of their use on various types of the blown equipment.

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